Infant Colic (Fussy and Gas Pain)
Not uncommonly, first-time Moms will bring their babies into the ED wanting help with a crying or fussy baby with report of gas pain.  If the baby is inconsolable it may be important to consider a corneal abrasion and checking for a hair tourniquet around a finger or toe. If the pain is episodic, and the infant is feeding well and consolable, then it may an intolerance to formula or swallowing too much air while feeding. So, I will routinely give reflux precautions to the Mother to burp the baby after every 1 oz feeding and to have the baby put on their back to sleep on an incline. In fact, allowing the baby to sleep in their car seat next to the bed wrapped in a swaddle (baby burrito) works rather well.  Additionally, I have suspected that the choice of pacifier may contribute to colic.  I prefer the Soothie pacifier over the Gerber Nook and think some infants swallow air with the Nook. Also, Mylicon infant drops (Simethicone) can be used.  Ultimately, these are issues for the pediatrician.
"They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick" -  Jesus of Nazareth

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