Contract Management and EM Reimbursement
Emergency Medicine is being taken over by contract management groups.  The private democratic physician group is being pushed out by pressures from the federal government and private insurance which gives unequal reimbursement to contract groups over private groups due to their so-called negotiating power.  Also, it is suspected that the federal government has been targeting private physician groups with billing audits.

In the short term, EM reimbursement has been up due to basic Friedman economics.  (Doctor Supply) M . (Velocity) V = (Pay) P . (Productivity) G.  In this simple relationship, the supply of doctors, and their productivity is relatively unchanged. But because doctor's tend to have less invested with a contract management group, as opposed to a private group, they tend to move around more.  This increased velocity (V) of physicians will inflate pay (P) as doctors as contract management groups compete for a limited supply of EM physicians.   The same trend can be seen in professional sports.
"They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick" -  Jesus of Nazareth

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