"This has nothing to do with the pregnancy"
How does OB/Gyn get away with using the following logic to get out of work?  When one of their patients is seen in the ED less than 20 weeks gestation, OB/Gyns will often excuse themselves from responsibility for their patient with the excuse, "there is nothing I can do for the fetus before the age of viability". Then after 20 weeks many OB/Gyn use the excuse, "that problem has nothing to do with the pregnancy". 

What gets me about these excuses, is that these cop-out responses focus on the unborn baby that the OB might lay hands on for 2 minutes or less before passing it off to a neonatologist. But these fetus-focused responses deny any responsibility that the OB/Gyn has for the pregnant woman who is the one who choose that OB/Gyn to be their primary care provider during the course of their pregnancy.

The other way OB-Gyn's shirk responsibility is when a pregnant woman is seen in the ED who may have had multiple pregnancies managed by the OB/Gyn but if they have not seen the OB for the current pregnancy yet before being seen in the ED, some OB/Gyn's will decline responsibility to consult or admit their own patient, (when not on call), by saying that the patient has not yet seen them in their office for this pregnancy.
"They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick" -  Jesus of Nazareth

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