Easiest CME
If your hospital or institution will cover the cost of Uptodate, this service is by far the easiest way to complete CME requirememts. After registering for an account, and logging in, every article search earns you 0.5 credits. A running total of CME credits are displayed in the top right corner of the browser window.  CME credits can then be verified and printed directly from the website with a very simple and quick process. Having used Audio Digest in the past with its hour-long lectures, pre-test, post-test, and survey; there is just nothing that even comes close to Uptodate. I just keep uptodate open in a browser window durimg my shift and I'll usually search at least one topic during any given shift.  Also, you can be sure with a quality website like Uptodate that the information in each article is reliable.
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